Capacity Building Workshop for Youth Volunteers from Bara

Dec 24, 2019

COCAP and its member organization NYSC Bara organized a 3-day capacity development workshop for its youth volunteers from Bara on December 21-23, 2019.  During the workshop, the youth volunteers identified forms of direct, structural and cultural violence within their communities. The volunteers decided to prioritize child marriage as a prevalent violation of human rights within their communities. Based on this, the volunteers developed an action plan to fight child marriage, including defining objectives and strategies for the upcoming year.

The workshop also served to monitor outcomes of the Youth for Social Change Project. The volunteers interviewed each other about the ‘Most Significant Change’ that occurred in their personal lives and local communities. Four stories were selected by the participants and turned into a small theater play. The youth volunteers selected the following outcomes of the Youth for Social Change Project: 1. Having gained confidence and skills in previous trainings to initiate community actions and to directly approach local representatives for their support, 2. Operating a citizen information center that provides a wide range of services to citizens, 3. Producing a weekly radio program that provides information to citizens, 4. Being well-connected with local police to fight child marriage and other forms of violence